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Green Building, Greater Savings: The 179D & 45L Programs

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What is Section 179D?

  • A lucrative tax deduction for making commercial buildings more energy efficient
  • Allows building owners to earn a deduction of up to up to $5 per square foot by installing energy efficient systems

  • Applies to entire buildings or parts like lighting, HVAC and building envelope.

  • Builders of government properties can also get these deductions


Imagine you own a commercial building with 50,000 square feet of space. You make energy-efficient improvements to the building's lighting, HVAC, and building envelope, hitting the required 50% energy savings threshold. With the 179D deduction, you can claim up to $5 per square foot. So, your tax deduction would be $250,000.

What is 45L?

  • A tax credit for crafting energy-efficient residential properties

  • Builders can get up to $2,000 per home for energy-saving construction or renovation.

  • The credit is for new or renovated single-family homes, including townhouses and apartments up to three stories.

  • Homes must show a 50% reduction in energy usage compared to standard homes


Let's say you're a homebuilder and you construct 20 new single-family homes that meet the energy efficiency requirements for the 45L tax credit. If each home qualifies, you're eligible to claim a $2,000 tax credit per dwelling. Therefore, your total tax credit would be $40,000.

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